Utu, Pyörre , Häive | March 2016 | Xamk

I made those paintings during the first year drawing and painting course. I  learned  to  use  different  painting  techniques. One of my passion is paint abstract art, so I was able to show my artistic creativity in this course.  
The idea of ”Utu” and ”Pyörre” was to listen to peaceful music and paint those feelings that the music aroused in me and we only had a few minutes for this. I made those paintings by using black Chinese ink on paper (270x320). I made the ”Häive” in the same way but using acrylic on canvas (650x900).
The most inspiring thing in abstract art is that you don’t have to plan what the result should look like. Just let the brush move. Every painting is  unique. There is no right or wrong.
Utu , Pyörre
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