November 2017 | IED Barcelona
Jean Abou Faysal | Henni Parmola | Sara Kurimo

In this mockup, what we did was an abstract representation of four different emotions we wanted to give. We built a small part of the entrance in order to give the first emotion transition - between the real world and the detachment of it.

The first ambiance was given by a small  light  dimmed on the floor that represents  the  first  room. The second ambiance was given with a projection on the rocks that we wanted to deliver in order to reflect the infinite space, therefore infinite emotions.
The third ambiance was given with two lights with purple filters placed on the floor and reflecting on the wall of rocks that we created - therefore a dark space ambience that represents the detachment from the earth and an illusion of the space.
-The sound was represented in the first ambiance with drops of water
-The smell was represented in the second ambiance with metallic sense
-The taste was represented in the first ambiance with “salmiakki” (mineral, salty taste)
-The touch was represented simply by the sand on the floor and the texture of the created rock wall
                                                                         How we made this stone wall - video
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