November 2017 | IED Barcelona
Jean Abou Faysal | Henni Parmola | Sara Kurimo

Concept: Journey of senses
KUU is a restaurant where you explore all of senses, where you detach from reality and explore your inner consciousness. Between remorse and disapproval our journey starts in a transition between the real world and the beginning of the journey.
Natural materials are used such as rocks, lava stone, water and the light is really dimmed, in order to give this obscure kind of feelings, a total absence of sound. You can only hear the beep in your ears and water dropping on the wall stone. You have lava sound under your feet. The air is fresh and slightly moist. In this room “salmiakki “ is served which tastes like mineral, salty, unexpected and fresh.
Our journey follows it leads between disapproval and awe with the white room that is contrasted comparing to the first: no shadows, no natural lights, one simple white material to create a “space ship station”. In this room “space drinks “ aperitifs are served.
And then, between awe and submission you enter the third space:
You are on the other end of the tunnel (20 meters long) you can feel it in a narrow space even though your eyes look at an infinite illusion. An infinite space in every direction. You see endlessly small different shades of purple light dots. You only feel this cold hard glass around you. You don’t smell or hear anything except your shoes against the hard floor. Your only option is going forward in this infinite space, surrounded by galactic light dots, inspired by kubrick perspective: the walls comes closer, the ceiling comes down and the floors comes up. Until you reach the end, until you feel relieved, until you breath.
Between submission and love, you start the end of the journey. One step closer to the final destination. You can instantly feel moist all around you. You feel free in this high space, you hear the echo from your shoes following you. The temperature is cold, the light is absent, just on every step of the stairs. As soon as you start going up into this huge tunnel, you will realise that you are following the lights, they guide you up until they suddenly stop from the inside and switch the experience till the outside: the stairs continue but this time from the outside of the big tunnel. The feeling is surreal. Air is crispy, smell is metallic, materials are rough and this is how you arrive to K.U.U.
Between love and optimism till ecstasy you enter the “eating station” represented by the perfect shape: ”a glass sphere “ where you finally get to sit and enjoy this transparent bubble above 10 meters of the ground, and where the floor is made out of glass and the kitchen is 15 meters under it: so you see chefs cooking, therefore in control of the whole situation.
The bubble is composed out of two layers which every 30 minutes creates steam and Northern light effect along with a meteorite passing sound effect. And when the Northern light effect disappears, you enjoy the natural moon light and the shining stars above your head. The toilet us outdoor, and in order to use it, you will have to walk around the bubble - the whole project - feeling detached, scared, above everything: mainly in control of your emotions and the space around you.
The menu is composed of six main dishes/desserts served one at a time prepared under you. The service area is separated from the hole restaurant, creating a separation and other entry for the space. It is composed mainly of lockers for the employees. Toilets, showers, meeting room, office, small lounge and then a stairs that goes down to the kitchen area which follows the shape of the bubble above it.
Floorplans: Floor 1   1:100 // Floor 2  1:100 // Floor -1   1:100
Lighting floorplans: Floor -1   1:50 // Floor 2   1:50
Lighting sections 1:50
Abstract scale model 1:100
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